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Pelvic X-Ray

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Normal Pelvis X-Ray

This is a X-Ray Image of Pelvis Antero-Posterior View,Showing the pelvis from the front.

Showing :
1. 2 Iliac Crests (IliCr)
2. Greater Trochanter (>Troc)
3. Intertrochanteric Line (IntL)
4. Lesser Trochanter (5. Femur (Fm)
6. Superior Anterior Iliac Spine (SAIS)
7. Sacrum (Scrm)
8. Ischial Spine (IshS)
9. Superior Pubic Ramus (SPbR)
10. Symphysis Pubis (SymP)
11. Ischial Tuberosity (IshT)
12. Neck of Femur (FmN)
13. Head of Femur (FmH)
14. Inferior Pubic Ramus (IPbR)
15. Sacro-iliac Joint (SIJ)

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